Holyland Pita Bakery

We are Toronto’s oldest pita bakery producing traditional pita products.

Established in 1967, our products pay tribute to our heritage and artisan baking style which has been passed down through generations.

Our products are all natural, free from additives and we never use any preservatives. Baked fresh everyday, and delivered within hours of production.


  • About

    Established in 1967, Holyland Bakery is Toronto’s original bakery producing “old style” Middle Eastern pita products referred to as pita-pockets. Holyland’s products pay tribute to an all natural artisan style of baking that has been passed down through generations. Holyland’s products are made using only all natural ingredients free from chemicals and preservatives. For that reason our products are baked fresh everyday and delivered throughout the Greater Toronto Area (GTA) within hours of production.


    Founded on the principles of quality, integrity and respect, we are committed to building long-term relationships that enhance our customer’s existing business by producing and delivering to Toronto’s baked products.


    Our Pitas are prepared with a special recipe and baking method which has been passed down through family generations. This recipe and baking method continue to be closely guarded secrets. In fact, considerable research was conducted to match the same quality and characteristics of ingredients used in our bakery in Israel. This has allowed us to recreate pita products which honor our 45 year old tradition. Even our production process has been imported from Israel to ensure we maintain the authentic taste, texture and quality our clients have come to expect and demand.


    Holyland’s clientele includes food retail and food service establishments, many of whom we have been servicing for more than three decades. Our baked products can be found on the shelves of leading grocers throughout Ontario, British Columbia, Alberta and Quebec such as:

    • Sobeys
    • NoFrrills
    • Rabba Fine Foods
    • Wadi Fine Foods
    • Nortown Meats and Specialties


    In addition to food retail, Holyland services the daily requirements of countless food service establishments throughout Ontario, Quebec and British Columbia. Furthermore, Holyland has reinvigorated its export program and now our products can be found in US cities such as Buffalo, NY, Syracuse, NY, Rochester, NY and Detroit, MI.

    Logistics / Delivery

    From our strategic location and utilizing our own delivery staff and fleet of vehicles Holyland efficiently services its clientele. For this reason we are able to upload our 7-day-week “Fresh Delivery Promise”.

  • Pita Bread

    Since 1967 we have specialized in the production of pita pockets. Our pitas come in three different sizes small (5.5”), regular (6.0”) and large (6.5”) and are available in two different flour varieties, white and whole wheat. In addition to traditional pitas, Holyland produces white and whole wheat mini-pita pockets. All of our pitas are free from additives and preservatives.


    Coming soon


    Coming soon

  • Quality Control

    Holyland maintains a strict quality control program and hold itself to the highest standards possible. Holyland’s Director of Quality Control maintains a close eye over all processes during the production cycle. Supported by our experienced and regularly trained production staff, Holyland’s continued commitment to surpassing food handling protocols remains a team effort.

    Aspects of our quality control program include: On-going employee training and re-training; hygiene and sanitation; ingredient handling standards; proper and efficient equipment usage, and a comprehensive preventive maintenance schedule.

  • Kosher (COR #363)

    Holyland is a member in good standing of the Kashruth Council of Canada. COR is the kosher certification trademark used by the Kashruth Council of Canada, the largest kosher certification agency in Canada. ALL of Holyland’s pita products are certified kosher, pareve and Pas Yisroel. In fact, Holyland is one of only a few pita bakeries producing Pas Yisroel pita products. Pas Yisroel products are grain-products baked with the participation of an observant Jew.

  • Private Label Pita Program

    Branding is very important element of any food retail business. And what better way to build your brand, product line and enhance customer loyalty than with a private label program.

    For that reason, Holyland is pleased to introduce its Premium Private Program. As your private label partner, we will provide freshly baked products packed in your own branded packaging. This includes assisting your team with recipe development and branded packaging design. Equally as important, all you products will be certified kosher, Pas Yisroel and Parve by the Kashruth Council of Canada.

    for a complete list of private label baked products.

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